Kent Magic: The Ideal Air Purifier for Car Cabins

Many major cities are choking on pollution these days. We all are aware of the grim situation in the national capital where schools had to be closed and people were advised to stay indoors because of intense smog. There isn’t much that we can do about outdoors, but on a personal level we can definitely try to clean the air indoors. We can do this by using air purifiers at homes and offices. But, what about when we have to travel in our car from home to office or anywhere else? The best bet in such a scenario is to have a car air purifier.

Kent Magic: The Perfect Solution

India’s leading home appliance manufacturer has come up with a product called Kent Magic, which is a compact 161x161x64 mm purifier that you can keep in your car. As it is very compact and weighs just 690 grams, it is very convenient to keep in any size car. You can keep it anywhere in the car, though the ideal suggested place is in between the front and the rear seats.

People who earlier thought that it is just another fancy gimmick to make money suddenly started realising its importance after experiencing or watching the polluted conditions in the surroundings. The amount of INR 7,999 spent on it is totally worth as it takes care of your health, which is priceless.

To make this compact purifier work, you need to connect it to the 12V car charger socket. It has a two-stage running mode depending upon how aggressively you want it to work on the purification process. Even in the higher mode, the sound that it makes it not intrusive. It is not that it works silently. It is very well audible but definitely not irritating.

How It Purifies?

This device is capable of getting rid of all the dust, odour, allergens, chemicals, and pollutants present in the air inside your car. It is equipped with HEPA filter. This high-efficiency dust collection technology is capable of removing all suspended particulate matter and makes the air inside the car safe and clean to breathe. The carbon filter present in this device takes care of unpleasant odours and eliminates toxic gases and fine particles from the air inside.

It keeps working relentlessly and every time you roll down the car window for whatever reason and let the polluted air inside, it cleans it impressively. You can watch the readings that it displays and hence you have a proof of what the initial pollution level was and what it reduced it to after running for few minutes. Thus, you can be sure of clean breathing air at least when you are commutin

In today’s world, this small powerful device is increasingly becoming the ‘need of the hour’, especially if you are residing in metros where the air quality is pathetic. It is highly recommended that you make this one-time investment for your health and the health of your loved ones who are there with you in your car.

This will ensure that while the outside air quality remains bad, at least you are safe when inside the car as this purifier continuously keeps working and making the air inside healthier to breathe.

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