Modified Food Starch

What is Modified Food Starch?

Starch is categorized under carbohydrate and is extracted from agricultural raw material. Starch is renewable, biodegradable, and the most important carbohydrate in the human diet. Modified food starch is a food ingredient made from starch. The modification refers to the changes in its chemical composition.

How is Food starch Modified?

There are many different ways how starch can be modified for use in processed foods. It is often treated with different acids like hydrochloric acid or some bases like lye. It’s also treated with peroxide, esters, oxides or salts for modification. Different treatments and ways …

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Benefits of getting a Meal Delivery Service

We have reached that point where we want our food to be prepared by someone else and delivered to our private homes. Times have changed when it comes to our relationship with food. Restaurants are great, but for some reason it seems more people are opting to eat in or even better, sit back and wait for meal delivery. Pizza and other non-healthy items aren’t the only types of food we can get at our doorstep. There are a lot of new companies forming to help us eat better, understand what’s on our plate and enjoy it with a simple …

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