Typical German cuisine – what is that actually?

While many Germans can easily list typical French, Spanish or Swedish dishes, many find it a lot more difficult to define German food.

People are reluctant to resort to the clichés of sauerkraut and white sausage, since German cuisine is rightly much more than that.

Although German cuisine abroad is actually often associated with stereotypes such as white sausage, bratwurst and sauerkraut, on closer inspection it turns out to be very diverse.

German cuisine is shaped by its different agricultural cultivation areas and traditions. The frequently used expression of the “white sausage equator” makes it clear that German cuisine cannot …

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Why has Korean culture, fashion, and entertainment become so popular?

The popularity of Korean dramas, foods, fashion sense, music, and culture as a whole is increasingly evident in the world’s global stage. It will be challenging to find a person who has not had an experience with some parts, if not all aspects, of Korean pop culture.

The Korean wave has swept over the world from its native continent of Asia. There is virtually no competition to its sweeping power. Though it is now divided into North and South Korea, the culture is still the same. Many inquire into why this—the popularity of the Korean culture—has come to be. …

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Check Out The Top Icelandic Foods You Must Try Out When You Visit

is famous for its natural and dramatic beauty. It has almost everything your
imagination can picture of an Iceland—cascading waterfalls to jagged mountain
cliffs. These dazzling and colourful auroras illuminate the sky, and the icy
glaciers flanked by black sand beaches and rugged lava rocks.

It is one great place to have a vacation when you are up for it. While many people would love to go to Iceland and have a great time, they lack the necessary education on Icelandic foods that are great and would keep the trip on the unforgettable trip list. Like its fellow Scandinavian …

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