Fryer cum Curry Cooker: A Better Choice for Deep Frying and Slow Cooking Needs

Today’s contemporary kitchens are incomplete without the modern kitchen appliances that not only make cooking tasks easier, but also enhance the décor of the space. People today are not restricted to kitchen alone. They generally have multiple roles to perform and hence they can’t just sweat out in the kitchen for hours to make meals for her family. Technology has come up with many innovative appliances to share the work load in the house, especially in kitchen.

There is a complete range of kitchen appliances like dosa maker, curry cooker, kitchen blender, electric fryer, dough maker, coffee maker and noodles maker. Practically, getting all the appliances is not feasible. The kitchens in an average house are not that big to have a place for all of them. Buying all these will also require a considerable amount of money. Thus, it always makes sense to buy an appliance that is versatile and can be utilized for multiple purposes. One such versatile appliance is fryer cum curry cooker.

It Meets the Multipurpose Cooking Needs

Using this electric fryer, you can cook your favourite curries as well as fry snacks in it efficiently. It means biryani or dal makhani and samosas or pakoras – all these can be made using the same appliance. Fryer cum curry cooker is an innovation marvel that is designed keeping in mind the varied needs of slow cooking and frying that exists in the kitchen.

Slow Cooking Enhances the Taste of Food

Slow cooking often helps in bringing out the flavours of food. But, it is not easy as it requires precise heat and stirring at regular intervals. Curry cooker is an ideal choice for making all such curries. You can leave the curry in it without worrying about it getting burnt or overcooked as the appliance automatically adjusts the temperature. Once the curry is ready, the settings automatically shift to ‘keep warm’ mode to keep the curry hot. Thus, there is no need to rewarm it when everyone comes to the table for lunch or dinner.

Deep Fry or Shallow Fry

The same curry cooker turns into an electric fryer when you need to deep or shallow fry something. The food can be fried in a conventional way too, but then it requires both expertise and attentiveness. While frying the stuff the conventional way, if the person gets distracted for few seconds, it can result in accidents. If the right temperature is not attained, the food might get soggy or burnt.

All these problems go away when you use fryer cum curry cooker for all your frying needs. This self-contained unit maintains the right temperature required for the particular food. There are no chances of oil spilling and the items can be fried in a hygienic and convenient way.

In a nutshell, electric fryer cum curry cooker is a smart cooking appliance it makes tasks easier in the kitchen. In fact, once you go through its features, you would like to have it in your kitchen. Add this multipurpose appliance to your kitchen and you will soon be glad to have invested in it.