Offering Quality Catering Service to Guests

If you enjoy preparing foods and serving meals to your family and friends, then consider a career as a caterer. You can offer private services that allow you to pick and choose the customers you want to work with instead of owning a large business where you feel like you’re cooking 24 hours a day. There are a few tips to keep in mind for offering the best customer service and for ensuring that the details offered are or the best quality.

Buffet Services

Consider the type of event that you’re catering before you decide whether you’re going to offer a buffet or a family-style meal. If guests like different foods, then you might want to prepare a buffet to satisfy the desires that they have. As with any private catering moraga ca business, you need to ensure that you serve foods that the customer wants and that are functional for the event instead of only thinking about what would be the easiest to make.


There are safety considerations to keep in mind when you’re working with food and the equipment. Make sure all foods are cooked to the proper temperature. Before preparing foods, you need to ensure that the equipment used is clean. All of the trays and other items that are used to serve foods need to be clean as well. Foods need to be stored properly so that they aren’t too hot or cold when they are delivered to the venue.


After talking to the customer, you want to try to offer a combination of foods that meet the desires for the event. Since you’re a private catering company, you sometimes have a bit more freedom to get creative with the foods that you serve. Try to prepare foods that coincide with the time of year when the event is held. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads often work well in the summer months while warmer foods that include soups and casseroles work well in the winter months. Offer a combination of hot and cold items if possible so that guests have a selection instead of only having one or two options.

Thin Slices

Slices of meat should be thin so that there is more quantity for guests. This can also save a good bit of money as you won’t need to buy as many larger pieces of meat to get more slices. Try to tenderize the meats that are offered as much as possible so that you can get by with getting less expensive cuts instead of those that take up the entire budget that the customer has to work with for the event.


If you’re going to set up the tables and chairs for the event, then you need to prepare early. Cook as many items as you can the night before the event so that all you have to do is heat them up on the day, you’re serving the food. Your staff needs to know what they are supposed to do at the event ahead of time so that they aren’t standing around and waiting on instructions.