Why has Korean culture, fashion, and entertainment become so popular?

The popularity of Korean dramas, foods, fashion sense, music, and culture as a whole is increasingly evident in the world’s global stage. It will be challenging to find a person who has not had an experience with some parts, if not all aspects, of Korean pop culture.

The Korean wave has swept over the world from its native continent of Asia. There is virtually no competition to its sweeping power. Though it is now divided into North and South Korea, the culture is still the same. Many inquire into why this—the popularity of the Korean culture—has come to be. Let us check out some of these reasons;

1.The mass appeal

The Korean media is carefully constructed to appeal to the emotional feelings of people. Whether it is the music or movie sector, you will find that it arouses some specific viewer emotions. The industry is heavily branded and marketed to the masses. The clothing to the jewelry, the clothing accessories, the acting, the dancing, the lyrics, the music, et cetera is all consciously imbued to attract and keep anyone’s attention.

2. The conscious marketing to the female gender

The female gender is
always attracted to beauty and flashy things, and you will find a lot of these
attributes in the Korean media. The tales of love lost and found, the teary
moments, and heartbreaks scenes are enough to steal the hearts of many ladies.
The male gender, though aloof, cannot but be interested in it, since it has
succeeded in capturing the spirit of the opposite gender. There is a general
projection of handsome and beautiful stars that are the crush of many viewers.
Since they have successfully enticed the viewer, the attraction to the clothing
designs, shoes, hair-do, music, movies, et cetera is secured.

Also, Korean drama themes focus on the struggles of women in society and the “knights in shining armor” that help them overcome the problems. The storyline is meant to draw out the fantasies of everyday life into reality. Therefore, it is no surprise that women turn to these dramas as it enables them to live out their fantasies

3. Government support

Aside from the
innovative strategies of stakeholders in the K-wave entertainment industry,
government policies have pushed the industry onto the global stage. They have
taken active steps that also includes investing billions into it. There are
also plans that project far into the future the dominance of the
K-entertainment industry. These investments have indeed paid off as according
to the data from the Korea Creative Content Agency, the content industry’s
exports, which include music, games, et cetera, increased from $43 billion US
dollars in 2011 to $58.3 billion in 2014. There is also an increase in tourism
to South Korea because of the K-wave. You will also find an increase in the
tours, concerts, and meetings done by Korean stars overseas.

The forms of media
that we are exposed to influences our fashion choices. Since we are in love
with the K-stars, it is only natural that we fall in love with its pop-culture.
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